Founder Olga McAteer Talks About Why She Entered Real Estate!!

21st September 2020

Why did you enter Real Estate?

“I entered the real estate market a few years ago because I was working behind the scenes as a Consultant for clients in the high court in Belfast for approx 5 years beforehand and assisting liquidators, solicitors, and people under threat of losing their homes and assets. We worked to help them hold their property to secure their homes and assets by working together to sort out some of NI top lucrative property cases. It has always been my passion to help people as I saw the vultures at prey trying to steal assets for those who had worked hard for years on end!! Or for their own gain!! We saved several homes, assets and have worked with some of NI’s top Insolvency Practioners, Solicitors and Estate agents across NI. It has always been my passion to deliver results and help whoever come thru my door. Some of our clients had 10 million pounds of property assets to 100s of £1000 of assets that required protection, fire-fighting and dispute property resolution. We worked as McKenzie friend in several cases where the client couldn’t affford legal representation so we took care of the legal documentation and affidavits. It has been my pleasure to work for my clients in the High Court and won several property/business cases or closed deals to hold property assets. We are more than estate agents at McAteer Solutions as we have an added advantage of the legalities of what is expected of your property before you list it “For Sale” or “To Let”. We care about everyone of our customers and clients that enter our door as it’s our duty. Our experience as working in the Constuction sector as 25 years is a huge benefit as I’m renowned for pulling on the work boots to check out a new project. It’s always been my passion and we go beyond helping you sell or let your property because we have the experience and the passion to communicate and deliver a fantastic service across all our divisions here at McAteer Solutions. It gives me great pride when we receive a referral from an existing client to another. We started from very humble beginnings and we will continue to grow into 2021 and beyond with our Commercial and Residential property portfolios. Thank you to everyone who has supported us to date we truly are thankful. The hard work and long hours are paying off. We go beyond to deliver a fantastic service as we do things right”. Olga McAteer - Founder Of McAteer Solutions #olgamcateer #femaleentrepreneurship #mcateersolutions

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