Becoming a Belfast Chamber member

24th February 2023

Joining the Belfast Chamber of Commerce is a great way to build relationships and expand your business. As the largest business organisation in Northern Ireland, the Chamber provides a wealth of opportunities for businesses to network and collaborate.

At the Belfast Chamber, members benefit from exclusive access to resources, events, and discounts. The Chamber also offers a range of learning and development opportunities to help businesses stay ahead of the competition. This can include seminars, workshops, and courses on different aspects of running a successful business.

The Chamber also provides access to an extensive network of contacts and introductions that are invaluable for any business looking to grow and expand. The Chamber has a current membership of nearly 1500 businesses, organizations, and individuals including:

• Business Partners

• Business Groups

• Chambers of Commerce

• Consumer and Small Business Services

• Corporate Counselors

• Economic Development Councils

• Government Relations Organizations/Lobbying Agencies

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