Land Consultation & Strategy

What Options Do I Have?

In some instances at McAteer Solutions we have found that a landowner may choose to develop their land themselves rather than sell or enter into any forms of building agreement.

McAteer Solutions can advise on assembling development teams, appointment of consultants on every aspect of the future project. We can consider the financial analysis in every aspect and advise of the risk/reward from our development analysis.

Range Of Services:

  • Advice on land zoning and development potential;
  • Advice on selling residential sites ranging from single sites to large residential development land holding;
  • Advice on suitable housing mix, house types and unit size to suit the market trend and demographical area;
  • Advice on appointment of relevant consultants to form teams to pursue planning consent. This may include: Planning Consultants, Environmental Consultants, Road Engineers, Solicitors, Architects and Archaeologists.

Joint Ventures/Management Agreements

Our team at McAteer Solutions can implement joint ventures, site fine agreements, management agreements for private landowner and organisations. This type of strategy can increase a higher value than a straight sale as the landowner is being paid for the land over the course of the project/development.

Consequently a developer is willing to pay a higher price under these forms of agreement. As they do not have to carry the land cost, while the landowner may also benefit from growth in house prices over the duration of the project/development.

Development of Land For Housing By Landowner

In many instances, a landowner may choose to develop their land themselves rather than sell or enter into any form of building agreement.

At McAteer Solutions we can advise on gathering development teams by appointing consultants on every aspects of the future project.

If you wish to discuss the above in more detail please contact us to make an appointment.